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BLOODY HAMMERS – From the Cold Dark Mountains of Transylvania, North Carolina

Anders Manga, best known for his solo darkwave/gothic dance music, formed the gothic doom band Blood Hammers in 2012. Now releasing their fourth album entitled A Lovely Sort of Death, their second album with Napalm Records, Bloody Hammers has clearly become more than just a side project for Manga. When he first created Bloody Hammers, Manga… Read more »

BLOODY HAMMERS – A Lovely Sort of Death

Formed in 2012, the gothic doom band Bloody Hammers are surprisingly not from Europe, as many bands that adhere to a similar style are these days. However, they still have managed to hail from Transylvania County, North Carolina, which is in fact a real place. The band is the brainchild of Anders Manga, best known… Read more »

BLOODY HAMMERS – Under Satan’s Sun

If you go travelling around you never know sometimes what you’re likely to find.  For example, crawling amongst the dusty shadows lurk the ominous spectre of Bloody Hammers in Transylvania County, NC.  Now on their third studio album, the sense of their identity is well defined and those of you familiar with Hammer House of… Read more »

Bloody Hammers Debut New Video on Loudwire

BLOODY HAMMERS will release their new album Under Satan’s Sun June 10th in North America(May 30th G/A/S, FIN & Benelux, June 2nd UK & Rest of Europe, June 4th ESP/SWE/NOR). The album will be released via Napalm Records/Spinning Goblin. The album will be available a regular CD, limited edition vinyl gatefold and digitally. It can… Read more »