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Shock Rockers GRANNY 4 BARREL – Talks Cross Dressing and The Controversy Over Girls with Guns

What do you get when you mix one-part Alice Cooper, one-part Marilyn Manson and one-part Granny from the television show Beverly Hillbillies? You get a shock rock band named Granny 4 Barrel. “Granny,” the lead singer, describes the persona as a “Matriarch Of Metal,” a neo-Victorian shock rock nightmare. The music is sort of an… Read more »

Shock Rocker Granny 4 Barrel Collaborates With Stormy Daniels

One of the most theatrical rockers today, Granny 4 Barrel, has struck up a kinship with adult film star Stormy Daniels – as evidenced by recent photographs of the pair together in Miami (as Granny crisscrossed the country touring with Texas Hippie Coalition, while Stormy is on the promotional circuit), as well as Daniels directing… Read more »

Watch: Granny 4 Barrel’s Fearless ‘She Likes Guns’ Video – Appearing In L.A With Texas Hippie Coalition & Kobra And The Lotus

One of the most theatrical rockers today, Granny 4 Barrel, is about to prove to be one of the most fearless – and thought-provoking – artists as well, as evidenced by the music video for the song “She Likes Guns.” Kicking things off with a spin on a famous Mae West quote, “Is that a… Read more »