The Black Saints

The Black Saints

Wicked guitar riffs, light ‘em up solos, a fierce banshee howl on vocals, and lock tight drums & bass grooves mingle together to form the sinful ROCK EXPLOSION that is known as ‘The Black Saints’. Born & Bred in Beer City, USA (aka Milwaukee, WI) the ‘Saints bring to life the glorious intensity and frenetic power of the most classic elements of rock n’ roll and punk in their own delicious and wicked voice.

Articles with The Black Saints

The Black Saints – Milwaukee’s Finest

Since the late 1990s Wisconsin has had an upsurge in heavy and extreme metal bands, which has continued through to 2012 where we find Milwaukee’s Black Saints, a formidable mix of hot dirty rock, ready to take on America and abroad.  They’ve only been together since 2009 but lead vocalist Drew H., guitarists, Blackie Bishop,… Read more »

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