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(video) LOVE AND DEATH ‘Perfectly Preserved’ Album Release Streaming Event Today

The wait is finally over, the highly anticipated new album from Love and Death – ‘Perfectly Preserved‘ – is out now, find on your streaming platform of choice here. To celebrate the release of their first LP in eight years, Brian ‘Head’ Welch (Korn), Jasen Rauch (Breaking Benjamin) JR Bareis and Isaiah Perez will take… Read more »

Haulix’s Music/Recovery Podcast Debuts First Season (listen), in partnership with Heartsupport and the Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation, has released HIGH NOTES, a podcast about addiction and recovery in the music industry. The full 8-episode first season debuts today on all podcast platforms. “We believe that it’s time for the music industry to de-stigmatize addiction and mental health struggles,” host and… Read more »

Brian “Head” Welch on Faith, Fatherhood and Korn

Brian “Head” Welch of Korn has certainly made waves in the music world, and not just for his songwriting and guitar skills or the success of the band he helped form. In 2005, he made headlines when he decided to leave the massively successful Korn after having found God. MTV covered the story when he was… Read more »

BRIAN ‘HEAD’ WELCH New Book ‘With My Eyes Wide Open: Miracles And Mistakes On My Way Back To Korn’ Out Today, May 17

The latest book from New York Times bestselling author, and KORN co-founder and lead guitarist, BRIAN “HEAD” WELCH, With My Eyes Wide Open: Miracles and Mistakes On My Way Back To Korn is officially out today (May 17) from Nelson Books. With My Eyes Wide Open is the guitarist’s account of the brutal, eye-opening and decade-long… Read more »

BRIAN “HEAD” WELCH – With My Eyes Wide Open: Miracles and Mistakes on My Way Back to Korn

Much has been said regarding Brian “Head” Welch’s departure from, and eventually return to Korn when he became a Christian. Thankfully, Welch doesn’t leave his fans to make up their own assumptions. He puts it out all out there in literary form. He is already a bestselling author, with 2007’s Save Me From Myself: How I… Read more »

BRIAN ‘HEAD’ WELCH Premieres New Song to Coincide w/ Launch of Pre-Order for his New Book

To coincide with the pre-order launch of his new book titled With My Eyes Wide Open: Miracles and Mistakes On My Way Back To Korn (due out May 17 from Nelson Books), musician and New York Times bestselling author BRIAN ‘HEAD’ WELCH premiered a new song this week (3/15), “Lo Lamento,“ from his solo band Love and Death…. Read more »

Korn’s Brian ‘Head’ Welch Returns With New Book

Musician and New York Times best selling author BRIAN ‘HEAD’ WELCH made headlines in 2005 when he abandoned heavy metal super-group KORN after a very personal spiritual encounter he had at his home in California. With My Eyes Wide Open: Miracles and Mistakes On My Way Back To Korn-due out May 17, 2016 from Nelson Books-is the guitarist’s account of the brutal, eye-opening eight years he… Read more »