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TEMPT Gets An Invite to the Garden Party From Bon Jovi

When Screamer Magazine recently spoke to guitarist Harrison Marcello, of the band Tempt, they were riding a wave of positive vibes. Def Leppard had noticed Tempt’s cover of the Leppard song Women and had given Harrison and his bandmates a nice shout-out on Def Leppard’s social media platforms. In addition, drummer, Ric Allen, gave the… Read more »

TEMPT Gets Tapped by Def Leppard

Once upon a time, Harrison Marcello and Zack Allen, two college friends, decided to start a band. And they declared that their band would be named Tempt. The band would not be a pop band, nor a screaming metal band, nor an alternative band, but a melodic hard rock band; catchy, guitar-driven songs with real… Read more »

TEMPT – The Serpents In The Garden

“Hair metal” never really went away. True, the opening chords to Smells Like Teen Spirit signaled a retreat and hibernation for a fair amount of years, but much like the apocalyptic story of the cockroach surviving a nuclear war, the genre hung tough. Today bands like Poison, Warrant, Ratt, L.A. Guns and a host of… Read more »

TEMPT – Under My Skin EP

‘80’s style hair metal refuses to die. Do a Google search for any famous (or semi-famous, for that matter) hair band, and chances are they’re still around, plugging away on the club or festival circuit with one or two original members. So what’s one to make of Tempt, a band that has that ‘80’s pop/hair… Read more »

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