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THE GASÖLINES – Death or Eternal Glory – Album Review

On their sophomore release, Death or Eternal Glory, the Norwegian rockers The Gasölines deliver a blistering repudiation of the decades long decline of raw rock n’ roll. The album is a blunt hammer to overproduction, oversampling, and the autotune of current productions. As Morten Nilsen, key songwriter for the band, makes clear, “I’ve been very… Read more »

(video) The Gasolines – Death or Eternal Glory out 10/28/22

Welcome to the world of fuel smelling pants, sweaty shirts, burning rubber, a roll of the dice and liquor. Don’t laugh, your daughter (or wife) may be in the back seat. The Gasölines is a celebration of everything cool about rock from the 1950s to the 1990s and put into 2020s. This is music from… Read more »