The Other

The Other

The Other is German horror punk band. It was Halloween of 2002 when the famous Misfits Coverband GHOULS decided to do the unspeakable. At their sold-out show in the ancient city of Cologne, they played a song that was not written by the Misfits. And the audience loved it, even though it meant certain death for them. Didn`t they know that hearing the sounds of Roderick Usher (vocals), Sargeant von Rock (guitars, backing vocals), Andy Only (bass) and Dr.

Articles with The Other

The Other – The Devils You Know

Halloween has arrived early this year.  German horror punks The Other have a monstrous 15 songs on The Devils You Know, and for the most part quantity does not substitute quality.  The reason for this could be due to the band recruiting new bassist Viktor Sharp.  As lead vocalist Rob Usher puts it, “Lots of ideas on… Read more »

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