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KONTRUST – Explositive

Have you ever pondered over what it might be like to add spices or curry powder to your morning oatmeal?  Maybe you have been assaulted by a nagging curiosity over what it might be like to dip a hotdog in your hot chocolate instead of bothering with marshmallows?  If this sounds like you then the… Read more »

Kontrust Release Album Preview Clip

Here is a tasty album preview clip from the Austrian Crossover sensation KONTRUST.  Their unique sound brings the muscles to twitch and the nerve pathways to explode. As the main course, the juicy, new album EXPLOSITIVE, will be served on November 10th in the UK & November 11th US/CAN via Napalm Records with rapid rhythms, catchy slogans, brutal guitars and edgy riffs! Until then, sample the new… Read more »