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Grey Daze (Chester Bennington) Complete 8-Part Web Series; Global Listening Sessions Begin Tomorrow

Grey Daze wrap-up Making Amends, the eight-part video series that takes fans behind-the-scenes into the making of Chester Bennington’s pre-Linkin Park outfit’s forthcoming album, Amends (June 26, Loma Vista Recordings). The eighth episode, and full series, can be viewed here: The final clip debuts as fans prepare to host a day of full album… Read more »

GREY DAZE – Making Amends

Music is a form of magic that connects us together.  There are rhythms that send your body into movements that you can’t control; regardless of your health, ailments or age.  There are melodies that roll off the tongues of thousands; regardless of the languages they speak or the color of their skin.  There are harmonies… Read more »

Grey Daze (Chester Bennington) and Loma Vista Recordings Move Amends’ Release Date to June 26

Grey Daze, Chester Bennington’s pre-Linkin Park band, in partnership with Loma Vista Recordings, have re-scheduled the release of Amends ( to June 26. The 11-song album, which was created to honor both the legacy of Bennington and to see one of his final dreams, the reunion and re-recording of the band’s long out-of-print and largely… Read more »

Grey Daze Launch Making Amends, An Eight-Part Video Series (video)

Grey Daze, Chester Bennington’s pre-Linkin Park band, take fans behind the scenes into the making of their forthcoming album, Amends (, with an eight-part video series dubbed Making Amends ( The web-based series explores the Phoenix-based band’s beginnings, their motivation for reuniting, how the album was made and the musicians who pitched in to ensure… Read more »

Grey Daze Release Documentary Detailing Chester Bennington-Fronted Band’s History and Forthcoming Album (video)

Grey Daze, the mid-90s band that bore one of rock music’s most iconic front men, Chester Bennington, have released a documentary ( that highlights both the band’s Phoenix-based origins and Bennington’s vision to bring Grey Daze’s music into the modern era. The clip, which debuted via Loudwire, opens with footage of Bennington announcing the Grey… Read more »

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