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CODY BEEBE and the CROOKS – Recording Session

A casual music listener may hear a catchy song and know they like it, but not think beyond that. A more serious music fan may pay attention to vocal harmonies, guitar solos and the rhythm section, but still not think about how much work actually goes into creating that piece of music. Recently, Screamer was… Read more »

CODY BEEBE & THE CROOKS Summer Tour Continues

Roots rockers CODY BEEBE & THE CROOKS are currently in the midst of a summer tour in support of their new full-length album OUT HERE released in May. The Seattle-based, self-proclaimed “road warriors” have several Northwest fair, festival and winery performances on tap for the next several months with stops throughout Washington, Oregon, Montana and… Read more »

LIVE – CODY BEEBE & THE CROOKS – Molly Malone’s Los Angeles – May 18th

There’s something decidedly unglamorous–yet delicious–about seeing a band perform in a dive bar thousands of miles from their hometown.  Often, the musicians serve as their own roadies.  Pull into town, unload the van, set up, play, tear down and hit the road again.  As for amenities, if they’re lucky, they may get a bar tab… Read more »

CODY BEEBE & THE CROOKS – Authentic Roots Rock

Selah, Washington is the kind of town where you wave at each person you pass. A small, agricultural town, unlike the fast-paced existence of neighboring Seattle. So it’s no surprise that out of a town such as Selah, would be born the nucleus of Cody Beebe and The Crooks, a  hard-working, roots rock band. What… Read more »


The music of Cody Beebe and The Crooks cannot be easily defined. Roots rock, Americana, blues-based, organic, down-home, funk the list could go on and on. The band’s sophomore album, Out Here, released on May 7th, is an eclectic musical journey that maintains a centralized sound that is uniquely them. Out Here begins with raw, bluesy tune Alleyway and… Read more »