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DANZIG – Danzig Sings Elvis – album review

To some metal outsiders, Danzig doing an Elvis covers album might seem strange, but to Danzig fans this is a no-brainer.  Danzig has always had an Elvis-like quality to his singing style dating all the way back to his days in the Misfits.  Danzig has been working on this collection since 2016 along with guitarist… Read more »

Danzig’s Latest Single “One Night” Premiered By RollingStone; DANZIG sings ELVIS Album To Be Released April 24

Anticipation for the DANZIG Sings ELVIS one-of-a-kind album release increases as the first single is finally in sight. Danzig’s version of “One Night” stays true to its classic Elvis foundation while exhibiting a modern alternative sheen unlike anything fans would expect to hear. The single was exclusively premiered by Rolling Stone on April 9. Heavy… Read more »