These days, in the world of rock, too often do wires get crossed in a snarly network of countless subgenres and categories. New bands that are said to be the Second Coming are all too often the first to be going. It`s fierce survival of the fittest out there, but it seems like change for the better has started to take place out of some cities.

From Seattle, a five-piece band called Underride has begun a revival of sorts, zapping the apathetic scene, using their hooky, guitar-driven brand of rock like a high-voltage cattle prod.

Articles with Underride

Underride Breaks New Ground

Seattle-based hard rock band Underride have a sound that’s all their own, and vocalist Rev recently said in an interview this past December, “Our music is something new, fun and it’s not depressing.  It’s an anti-Seattle sound.”  The band is currently on a U.S. tour with Rains.  In a recent in-person interview, drummer Jeremy Schulz… Read more »