Articles with W.A.S.P.

HELLION – Hell Hath No Fury

Hellion, originally formed in 1982, is no stranger to the heavy metal scene. After a decade of silence, the roar of Hellion is back and stronger than ever. Founding member/vocalist Ann Boleyn reformed Hellion with a new lineup in late 2013.  In April 2014 the band released a two CD anthology, To Hellion and Back. … Read more »

HELLION – Karma’s A Bitch

The recent release of Karma’s a Bitch marked the return of the female-fronted Hellion after a decade-long hiatus. Reminiscent of heavy metal from the 70’s and 80’s, this five track mini-LP features inspired performances and catchy metal anthems.  Ann Boleyn’s vocals carry the same strength, quality, and roar of condemnation demonstrated in Hellion’s earlier albums…. Read more »