Winchester Rebels

Winchester Rebels

WINCHESTER REBELS was formed in August of 2009 in Santa Barbara California. Former “The Awakend” frontman, Nick Hunt and “Sicker Than Others” Bassist, John Livergood, came together after about a year of talking and started putting together a sound that would echo great hard rock bands from the 90`s with a twist of the new. Shortly after picking up a studio in Isla Vista, we ran across our friend Nick Fitzgerald, guitarist from “Battleship Grey,” and things started coming together. Barry Carter filled in on drums and we picked up James Longorea to play Guitar and fill in the rest of our sound.!/WinchesterRebel

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Santa Barbara’s Winchester Rebels came out of the gate with a blazingly popular independent release in 2011 when they dropped their debut album titled Three Sheets To The Wind. They captured the ears of the hard rock faithful with songs that bordered on classic MTV-era arena ready tunes and the deep gut rhythms and styling’s of mid 90’s… Read more »

Winchester Rebels Rockin’ The Sunset Strip, Play The Roxy Feb. 9 2012

Santa Barbara’s Winchester Rebels have arrived on the local rock scene with the goal of putting it on the rock ‘n’ roll map  – and then, moving onto the national stage where they rightly belong. As Kid Rock says, “it ain’t bragging if you can back it up” – and this talented rock group, as… Read more »

Don’t Shoot The Messenger

If the most rebellious thing that Winchester Rebels lead vocalist does in his down time is MotoX, that’s OK.  His more rebellious side definitely comes across in the Santa Barbara, CA based band’s music. When I spoke with Nick Hunt (vocals), Barry Carter (Drums) and their manager Rand, everyone was doing their best to hide… Read more »