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Eonian Records Presents Youngblood Video Teaser

Metallers Youngblood have released their debut full-length album: NO RETREAT October 9th in North America and throughout Europe on Eönian Records and distributed by Sony RED & Nightmare Records. Produced by Jeff Diehl (who has worked with such legends and luminaries as Gene Simmons, Sweet FA, Ma Kelly, Kramus, Healing Sixes, Eddie Kramer and many… Read more »

Youngblood to release debut album “No Retreat” in October on Eönian Records

Indianapolis natives Youngblood finally set to release their amazing debut album “NO RETREAT” this October, through Eönian Records. Featuring guitarist and producer Jeff Diehl, who has worked with such legends and luminaries as Gene Simmons, Sweet FA, Ma Kelly, Night Ranger, Kramus, Eddie Kramer and many more.  Youngblood also toured extensively as Epic Records recording artist Henry Lee Summers’ backing… Read more »