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ART OF SHOCK – Challenge Accepted

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What was once a busy touring season for musicians all over the world has become a season of quarantine, bringing back the garage band lifestyle to many eager musicians.  With cancellations, postponements and closed music venues in our headlines we have resorted to live-stream concerts from our living rooms and closed studios.  This could bring… Read more »

GREY DAZE – Making Amends

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Music is a form of magic that connects us together.  There are rhythms that send your body into movements that you can’t control; regardless of your health, ailments or age.  There are melodies that roll off the tongues of thousands; regardless of the languages they speak or the color of their skin.  There are harmonies… Read more »

THE 69 EYES – Jyrki 69: Baptized in Rock n’ Roll

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There are places in the world that people see as “holy.”  For some, they are places like Jerusalem, the Vatican or Mecca.  For others, they are places like The Sunset Strip or The Whisky a Go Go.  Thousands have visited these iconic places where people go to follow their dreams, all drenched in the shadow… Read more »

THE 69 EYES – Live! with Wednesday 13 at Club Red

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They say that rock n’ roll never dies, that it lives on forever.  The same is true for vampires and the band that shaped the genre goth n’ roll: The 69 Eyes.  Celebrating their 30th band anniversary, the Helsinki Vampires crept into Mesa, Arizona on February 9th during their Hell Has No Mercy Tour.  With… Read more »

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