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Ajenda cd art 5-14-14Belfast rockers AJENDA release their new and fabulously catchy promotional single ‘OTHERSIDE’ worldwide on 26th May!

‘Otherside’ came about by way of a co-write between Ajenda guitarist Gavin and up and coming LA producer Russell Steedle, who connected in a songwriters collaboration group hosted by legendary rock songwriter Jack Ponti. The song had an instant appeal to the band and with its bright, upbeat charm and catchy melodies, it makes for the perfect summer song!

This track is now available for radio plays and reviews.

This fabulous quartet have really started making an impression on the music scene and will keep things moving this year with the release of singles over spring/summer and a number of live shows in Europe, promoting their debut album ‘UNRECOGNIZABLE‘ which was released at the end of 2013.

Quoted as being “….surely one of the brightest hopes of 2013”, you’re going to hear a lot more about this fantastic female fronted rock band this year!

Ajenda have built their sound from a rollercoaster of passions, a wonderful blend of rock n roll, liberally flecked with blues, delicate melodic touches and a times a darker undercurrent adding a twist to some utterly fantastic rock songs.
AJENDA are available for interviews now and if you’d like to speak to the band or would like any further information on them, please just let me know.

Live shows:
April 26th Quinns Bar, Newcastle NI
May 23rd Voodoo, Belfast with Texas Flood supporting
Many more shows to be confirmed.

“Vitriol in a velvet glove….an album that combines the husky and the smooth, the pain and the passion, the heartfelt and heartbreaking” Belfasts Metalheads Reunited

“Unrecognizable is a wonderful album that weaves, turns and pleases along its merry way…” Fame Magazine

“I always wondered what would happen if US pop star P!nk fronted a heavy rock band, and now I think my dreams have come true. Ajenda are a band hailing from Belfast, NI, and in vocalist Jen Walker there is an air of that P!nk vibrancy, melody and attitude. Hell, even Jen’s look can at times take on that P!nk aura and I’m all for it if she can pull it off, and boy can she…” Metal Forces Mag

“Fans of different genres of rock music will certainly find something to appreciate on this album. From the epic vocal sound of Jen on some tracks, to the softer acoustic bluesy approach on tracks like ‘Fragile’ …. we have in between it all a band that can stand tall and deliver a solid hard rock set as well…….With so many different ways to approach a song, there simply wasn’t room for any filler on here”

“more rooted in the classic rock style of say early Heart…surely one of the brightest hopes to emerge in 2013″ Getreadytorock

“Ajenda gives a mellowed twist to rock n roll with deftly played melodies that are allowed to swirl around the room like smoke before settling on the ears and underlying it is a well formulated framework which gives the music plenty of oomph” Emerging Indie bands

“The album starts off with Dirty Rock N Roll; this sets the scene perfectly and showcases Jen’s vocals, and it instantly reminds me of Lizzy Hale of Halestorm – both share that husky/raspy voice…’s instantly catchy and straight away it’s clear that this band is something special…” Bring The Noise

AJENDA are distributed worldwide via Plastichead distribution.

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