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Last Bastion - Road To RedemptionThe Power Metallers from have just released the lyric video for the song “I Know When I’m Home”:

The song is taken from the upcoming debut album “THE ROAD TO REDEMPTION“, which has a release date set for April 04, 2014 !

is a Power Metal band based in Seattle, USA. Formed in January of 2012, has set out to bring European Melodic Speed Power Metal to the U.S. Energetic, talented and creative, these five determined musicians are defiantly breaking down stereotypes. Catchy, melodic vocals, blazing guitars, infectious bass, thundering drums, and heavenly keyboards weave together tales of history, mythology and self actualization.

Track List :

1. I Know When I’m Home

2. Ancient Lands
3. Plataea
4. Northern Kingdom
5. Angel’s Tyranny
7. The Way of Kings pt I – Cursed by Fate
8. The Way of Kings pt II – Stormblessed
9. Liberation
10. Forevermore

 is :

Joe Lovatt – Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar

Matt Lahr – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Larry Barnard – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Matt Bethman – Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Matt Carter – Drums and Percussion

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